Air pollution

Dust raised by municipal workers sweeping streets with short brooms made of wild grass is adding to air pollution in our area in Ramanthapur.

Cane brooms with long handles can be used to reduce pollution.

This will not only limits the amount of dust raised but also makes it easy for sweepers to handle.

I request authorities concerned to do the needful in this regard.

Nagarajamani M.V.


Passport issuance

I had applied for passport on December 17, 2009 bearing number HYD-H014050-09. In spite of several visits to the RPO office, I could not get the passport. Finally, in February 2011,

I attended ‘Passport Adalat' where officials suggested me to go for police verification again.

After submitting required forms, second police verification was completed in March 2011.

But I have not received the passport till date. Surprisingly, it is mentioned in the RPO website that my file is closed and I have to apply again.

I could not understand on what basis my file is closed and why I am being punished.

I hope RPO officials will look into the matter and do the needful.

V. Naga Leela,

R.K. Puram