Independence Day celebrations

The Independence Day fervour is picking up and most of the schools and offices are planning, procuring material, preparations are on for the celebrations.

Of late the style of celebration has changed in some schools.

The timings of flag hoisting at schools are getting late and sometimes turning very embarrassing.

The parents watch this distorted tradition helplessly.

Instead of singing or playing patriotic song or performing patriotic plays, children are encouraged to indulge in non-patriotic, filmy performances.

The teachers are supposed to prepare and send patriotic messages through the performances of children and address them, but hardly there is any speech regarding the freedom struggle, or freedom fighters.

The present generation hardly gets a glimpse of the freedom struggle and sacrifices behind it. A mechanism must be evolved by authorities concerned to monitor the quality and timing of these celebrations. 

It must be made mandatory for all the schools to have a freedom fighter or family member on the dais to bring seriousness in the event and focus on the aim of the celebrations.



Repair potholed roads

The potholes on Vijayawada Roads need to be attended to immediately.

Either the R&B Department or the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation seems to be not bothered about the condition of the roads in the city. Accidents have been occurring due to potholed roads. Rainwater has been stagnating on main roads and by-lanes.

The main junctions like the Benz Circle are also no exception.

M. Lakshmi Prasanna