Activists belonging to the ‘Samajika Rayalaseema Praja Samiti' (RSPS), led by district BC leader, Anna Ramachandraiah and others have made a bonfire of the copies of the Sri Krishna Committee report in front of Ambedkar's statue in Tirupati on Thursday.

The cause for their ire was the panel's recommendation for carving out a ‘Rayala-Telangana' state, when actually the demand was for a separate Rayalaseema state, in the event of the continuance the state to remain as a unified Andhra Pradesh became inevitable. The RSPS leaders comprising mostly representatives from the BC, dalit and minority communities have in a statement after their angry demonstrations rubbished the ‘Rayala-Telangana' concept mooted by the Sri Krishna Committee and charged that it was allegedly frought with conspiracy to perpetuate the hegemony of the feudal lords Rayalaseema who had apparently got into a ‘match fixing' with the Telengana counterparts to pursue their ‘game plan'. The SRPS leaders asserted that there was no question of accepting the ‘Rayala-Telengana' recommendation but insisted on a separate Rayalaseema state.