One fair price shop selected in each of the 20 mandals for the purpose

East Godavari is going to be the first district in the country to distribute monthly ration to white ration card-holders by using the Aadhar unique identification number. Arrangements are being made to distribute ration in one village in each of the 20 selected mandals from the month of June in the new mode.

In the district, with a population of 51,51,549, electronic identification number has already been given to 50,03,549 individuals and the process of disbursing Aadhar cards is under way.

As part of the Aadhar seeding pilot project, bank account numbers and mobile phone numbers of individuals are being included in their personal data.

“We have selected 20 fair price shops — one each in 20 mandals — to distribute ration to people with the help of Aadhar data. The beneficiaries can collect rice and other commodities by just giving their thumb impression in the electronic mode,” Joint Collector A. Babu told The Hindu .

Officials are already on the job of ensuring bank accounts to every ration card-holder in the selected villages.

“The idea is to link up the ration with Aadhar data in the long run, so that the problem of impersonation of beneficiaries can be avoided,” Mr. Babu explains.

Highest subsidy

In all, 20,000 tonnes of rice a month is being distributed to 15.75 lakh white ration card-holders in the district. Since rice remained the highest subsidised commodity being disbursed through fair price shops, the new mode of distribution is expected to ensure more transparency.

“The distribution of Aadhar cards commenced in March and, so far, we have distributed 21.8 lakh cards through the postal department,” Mr. Babu says.

Unique numbers have been given to people at the time of enrolment, which can be used for future reference.

“Most of the people are under the impression that Aadhar card is more important. The unique number is enough for transactions and for the seeding project,” he explains.

The entire process under Aadhar project in the district is expected to be completed in a couple of weeks and the district administration is planning to set up a permanent Aadhar centre to ensure immediate updating of the data.

  • Idea is to link up ration with Aadhar data in the long run

  • The new mode of distribution is expected to ensure transparency