A limited collector’s edition on Lord Ganesha, minted in Germany Mayer mint is now in the hands of popular Numismatic of this town-Putsa Krishna Kameswar. The government of the Ivory Coast in West Africa had released this 25 gm pure silver coin with green coloured image of Lord Ganesha inscribed on “Peepal” leaf .

“Kolkata-based firm AG IMPEX, which has the sole rights for marketing the coins internationally has put this news on the Internet few days ago and started accepting orders for limited collections. So I placed order for these coins”-said Mr. Krishna Kameswar.

He said that Lord Ganesha, loves “Patri Pooja” with 21 varieties of leaves on the occasion of Vinayaka Chaviti festival. Among the 21 leaves, Peepal leaf is most important and that is why the Ivory Coast Government made an order to print Lord Ganeha’s emblem on peepal leaf . One more important feature on this coin is, Sanskrit sloka ‘Vakratunda Mahakaya’ was inscribed around the peepal leaf Ganapathi. Weighing 25 gm, the SWAROVSKI crystal studded Francs CFA 1001 coin is still available for booking at Rs. 8,001 and will be delivered on the Ganesh Chaviti. Mr. Krishna Kameswar further added that the Ganesha coins have not been issued by any government and are therefore treated as bullion unlike commemorative currency coins.

Kameswar procured a 25 gm silver coin with green coloured image of Lord Ganesha inscribed on Peepal leaf. The coin was released by government of the Ivory Coast