CPI (M) State secretary B.V. Raghavulu has called upon the party cadres to build movements on the problems faced by people and the government actions that are resulting in hardships to them.

Addressing the district plenum of the party at Subbalakshmi Kalyanamantapam here on Sunday, he said toeing the World Bank line, the Central and State governments were trying to reduce welfare schemes and burden people.

The hike in property tax, user charges for garbage collection and moving slum-dwellers to outskirts were some of them and they would have severe repercussions on the poor and the middle class. Slums were sought to be done away with in the name of slum development, he said.


Reforms in water supply were intended to pave way for business, Mr. Raghavulu said. On the other hand, the number of welfare pensions was sought to be reduced.

Party cadres should mobilise people for a sustained struggle against such measures.

CPI(M) city secretary K. Lokanadham presided.

CPI(M) district secretary Ch. Narsinga Rao, secretariat member B. Ganga Rao, Jaggu Naidu, A. Ajay Sarma, A. Balakrishna, M. Suryanaryana and M. Dhanalakshmi participated.

Deploring the indifference of officials to the protests on various issues, the party had decided to extend support to the indefinite fast planned by people's organisations.