Special Correspondent

Hyderabad: Just a day left for the Mayoral election, speculation is rife as to which party will get the coveted post. The Congress, which is the main contender for the top post, is trying to enlist the Majlis support. It is even using the good offices of senior Congress leaders at Delhi to prevail upon Majlis president Asaduddin Owaisi to settle for the deputy Mayor post, it is said. The latter is now in Delhi to attend the Parliament session.

Though the Majlis has announced that it would have its candidate elected as Mayor, sources say, the party would be persuaded to accept the deputy Mayor’s post. But in return for its support, the Majlis might get one Legislative Council seat and chairmanship of Urdu Academy or the Wakf Board. PCC president D. Srinivas has already held talks with the Majlis in which the latter has suggested to share the Mayoral post. The Majlis also wanted a MLC seat Meanwhile, the Majlis corproators, it is said, are asked to assemble at Dar-us-Salam on December 4 before proceeding to take part in the Mayoral poll.