A quarry worker, Abdul Hussain, was found murdered in a pit on the outskirts of Malkapur village of Karankote in the neighbouring Ranga Reddy district , the police said on Wednesday.

Abrasions on head

Abrasions and wounds were found on the head of the 32-year-old victim who left his house after returning home from work on Tuesday evening, Tandur Rural Inspector M. Ravi said.

A fortnight ago, his wife, Bismilla Bee, left him and went to her parents’ house after quarrelling with him.

His father grew suspicious as Hussain did not return home till Wednesday morning.

“Hussain’s father knew that his son used to play a game of cards on the village outskirts with his friends now and then. He went there to search for him and found his body in a pit,” the Inspector said.

CLUES team

A CLUES team and sniffer dogs were brought in. Investigators said they were examining persons last seen with the victim.