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Calls for bold initiatives in agriculture

Governments blamed for the agrarian crisisPlea for bold initiatives in agriculture sector

VISAKHAPATNAM: Pumping money into agricultural sector is the panacea for all problems faced by the country, according to all-India convener of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch P. Muralidhar Rao.

Talking to reporters here on Wednesday, he suggested that zero-level interest loans be provided to farmers who were facing problems so as to help them come out of crisis.

In the case of all other ryots, loans at low interest rate of 4 per cent could be sanctioned. And if this was not done immediately, the productivity would be hit, he warned.

``Agriculture will impact all sectors. Pump more money into it and you'll find everything going in the right direction. There will be vibrancy in every market. Such radical thinking alone can lift the nation. Otherwise, it will be reduced to chapters of famine in the pages of history books,'' he remarked.

Hike flayed

Mr. Muralidhar Rao blamed the Governments for the agrarian crisis, which had intensified and resulted in farmers committing suicides.

"For them, farmers' survival is not important. They hike the prices of petroleum and diesel. The Left parties protest outside and negotiate inside and carry on the agenda. There is internal insensitiveness,'' he lamented.

He felt the problem was multidimensional. Agriculture as an occupation was not a sustainable activity due to Government policy as the latter had not been able to address the issues boldly and innovatively, he observed, adding that unless bold and innovative steps were taken up, the situation could not be improved.