Notavan Hey Bro, a human rights activist in Bangkok, said that the public outcry against gang rape and murder of a paramedic at New Delhi should cross the frontiers of India and go to countries like her own Thailand which were insensitive to similar outrage.

She told a press conference here on Monday that the sort of reaction to the crime in India was never witnessed in Thailand because such incidents did not arouse public consciousness.

The crime was treated as an individual affair and not a larger social problem in Thailand. That was why there was no collective social responsibility. In her country, Ms. Bro said the Delhi-like incidents took place on a daily basis because it was a liberal society where sexual abuse was culturally accepted.

In fact, women invited violence against them because people did not care it much. The degree of violence was the same as in Delhi. She said the gang rape was a wakeup call for the whole society as it had thrown a socio-cultural question. Former Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court A. Lakshmana Rao demanded a debate on whether sex education in schools be introduced for children above 12 years. The children should be taught to treat women with dignity and decency as advocated by all religions.

Ms. Bro and two other women from Russia and Iran were in city at the invitation of a human rights organisation.

  • The sort of reaction to the crime in India was never witnessed in Thailand, says Ms. Bro

  • ‘Delhi-like incidents took place daily in Thailand where sexual abuse was culturally accepted’