The public mood appears to be in favour of Rayala-Telengana in Kurnool district as indications are available as groups are expected to come out openly in support of the new entity. Since the announcement of Telangana State by the Centre, the residents of Kurnool district are curious to know the changing equations that would determine their future. On the first few days, there was little protest from public under the impression that they might go the Telangana way.

The reason for the affinity of Kurnool people towards Hyderabad is that it takes only two and half hours to reach it. Almost every family has blood relation on either side of the border. Most of the people have acquired properties and put up residences at Hyderabad. Water sharing is the compulsion for many leaders and public to tilt towards Telengana. Kurnool or Anantapur district are entirely dependent on the Krishna and Tungabhadra rivers for irrigation and drinking water needs which would be possible only in case of amicable relations with the Telangana.

Mr. T.G. Venkatesh went to the extent of seeking inclusion of Gadwal and Alampur constituencies into Rayalaseema. Also, social structure of Southern Telangana which is similar to Rayalaseema area is also creating affinity between the two places. Reddys, Kurubas, Valmikis and Muslims would be vertically split if division takes place. The communities were rallying behind the idea of Rayala Telangana on the ground that the communities would remain together.