People in the area hardly have any information about the programme

KPR Industries (India) Limited, which has decided to establish 100 MW captive power plant at Dontamuru in Bhalabhadrapuram of Bikkavolu mandal for its chemical factories, is holding public hearing on Wednesday. Neither the Pollution Control Board nor the management of the factory has not shown any interest in making the people aware of the public hearing.

It may be recalled that in February last, the PCB conducted public hearing on a low key at the same place on its proposed two factories which are going to make caustic soda and its 14 allied chemicals, 35 pesticides, and phosphoric acid.

The KPR group has come out with executive summary of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report prepared by Pioneer Enviro Labs and Consultants Private Limited, Hyderabad. The consultants have also made two separate EIA reports for caustic soda and pesticide factories of the group.

The executive summary of the proposed power plant has mentioned about coal import from Australia and Indonesia. The Indonesia government has already banned export of normal coal from its country. The two chemical factories and power plant require 3,000 tons of coal per day and State government has already given permission to 80 MW power plants in the State. The water requirement mentioned in the summary is also not matching with the technical guidelines manual of the Union Environment Ministry and according to executive summary report, the requirement for two factories and power plant is 6200 cubic meters per day. But, specified norms say that it requires 170 cubic meters of water for 100 MW of power (that is 4800 cubic meters per day).

There is no much mention about air pollution through burning of coal, sulpher dioxide, nitrogen and other chemicals from the three plants. The rise in temperature, air pollution, hazardous waste pollution which cause cancer in the villages have not been explained.