Indian voters have displayed matured wisdom in electing UPA again. Elections 2009 clearly indicated that our country needs the services of Manmohan Singh for another five years to stimulate the economic growth. He was instrumental in introducing economic and banking sector reforms in 1991. Let’s hope Dr. Singh will be successful in his bid to build a healthy and vibrant India.

Rajaram Palluru


Sad commentary

The defeat of former Mayor and legal luminary Durvasula Venkata Subba Rao, who contested as BJP candidate, provides a sad commentary on electoral dynamics obtaining in our country.

He is God’s good man. It will be beneficial for our country if his services are utilised as a Parliamentarian.

BJP leader L.K. Advani may nominate him to the Rajya Sabha for the purpose.

V. Ratan Babu


Non-working post-office

For the past 15 days, Lawson’s Colony post office has not been accepting money orders, telephone bills, etc.

The reasons appears to be ‘computer out of order’ and non-availability of receipts books.

After the post master retired from service due to superannuation, nobody has been posted in his place.

S.K. Sharma


Roads in a bad shape

The underground drainage works in the city have caused multiple problems with the roads dug up and ditches not being levelled properly after the completion of UGD work. As the roads are not re-laid, the sand raises off ground and causing pollution. I request the GVMC to take remedial measures.

Vijay Kanth P


Unscientific exit polls

Exit poll predictions on the eve of electoral results in India are farcically partisan, prejudicial and unscientific. The predictions of almost all channels smacked of the wishful thinking of the armchair psephologists with least contact with the lower middle classes and the illiterate masses below the poverty line and utter ignorance of the under currents of public opinions. Otherwise, how come the Congress, said to be trailing behind the BJP, win a comfortable number of Lok Sabha seats? How come the PRP of the superstar Chiranjeevi hailed as the king or king-maker bite the dust? The exit poll surveys in India should emulate the psephological standards of the western countries which are objective, in national interest.

S.M. Kompella