G. Ravikiran

Leaders adopting ‘wait and watch’ policy

Panel of observers to visit city from today

VIJAYAWADA: The local leaders, who have joined the Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) with a lot of enthusiasm, are now in a state of confusion about their role in the party’s day-to-day affairs. In the absence of any encouragement from the top rung, these leaders have become preoccupied with activities in their respective areas without bothering about city-level developments.

Though the leaders of the ruling Congress and the opposition TDP have started mounting a pungent attack on the PRP over the last few days, nobody from the PRP’s local leadership is volunteering to make a counter-attack. Almost all the leaders have adopted a ‘wait and watch’ approach instead of landing in problems by making statements on the behalf of the party without a signal from the State leadership.

A leader says he and many others of his ilk are not in a position to make counter-attack, though Congress leader Paladugu Venkata Rao, TDP Mahila wing president Roja and such leaders started heaping criticism on Chiranjeevi and the PRP.

No activity

Though a couple of weeks have already passed since the PRP office was opened at Benz Circle, hardly any noteworthy activity has been taken up. The leaders, who joined the party in the presence of Chiranjeevi in Hyderabad, do not appear to be well-connected to the city’s main office for reasons best known to them.

One reason for this confusion is said to be the PRP State leadership‘s unwillingness to vest powers with the potential leaders available locally to run the party affairs. It is reluctant to give responsibilities even temporarily. Owing to this, no local leader with strong presence in the city is keen on getting involved in finding a suitable place for a full-fledged city office for the PRP. The office is presently located on the premises of Vasavya Nursing Home, from where G. Samaram conducts weekly blood donation camps on behalf of Chiranjeevi Blood Bank. The conditions here are apparently not suitable for the party’s political activities.

The State office of the PRP has appointed an eight-member committee of observers for overseeing the ongoing membership drive in the city. The committee is expected to visit the city from Wednesday. PRP district coordinator and office in-charge Naveen says that the committee members will check whether membership forms are being distributed properly or not and as to how the overall drive is going on.

It is not clear whether the committee members will conduct meetings with the party’s local leaders or not. Even Mr. Naveen is not sure about any well-defined programmes in which local leaders, potential ticket aspirants and committee members will be involved.