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Two supporters of Janga try to ‘commit suicide’

Mallikarjuna Rao’s followers raise banner of revolt

GUNTUR: Widespread protests across Palnadu region and victory rallies in Guntur capped a day of dramatic developments, hours after the list of Congress Assembly candidates was announced on Saturday. Local elected representatives of Gurazala, Macherla and Vindukonda threatened to resign en masse, protesting against the denial of seats to the sitting MLAs.

In view of the possibilities of escalating tension, Superintendent of Police Mahesh Chandra Laddha convened a meeting with senior police officers and asked them to be vigilant. Police battalions were deployed in full strength at main junctions in the towns and municipalities to prevent untoward incidents in the district.

In Guntur, a defiant Gurazala MLA Janga Krishna Murthy vowed to continue his fast in front of the District Congress Party office till the last day of filing of nominations. His close aides, including Piduguralla Market Yard chairman P. Viswanadham and veteran leader Challa Nemali Reddy, left for Hyderabad to hold talks with K.V.P Rama Chandra Rao, after the latter spoke to them over telephone.

Two supporters of Mr. Krishna Murthy climbed atop a light arch at the Hindu College Junction and allegedly threatened to commit suicide.

They relented after some time and were whisked away by the police.

Scores of his supporters from the Gurazala constituency began to pour into the Congress office since morning. The news of the final list beamed on TVs sent shock waves across the district among party cadre.

The MLA soon after realising his name was not in the final list, remained closeted with his aides for an hour.

He, however, remained evasive to queries about his possible quitting of the Congress or contesting as a rebel candidate.

In Vinukonda, followers of Makkena Mallikarjuna Rao raised the banner of revolt and threatened that they would not allow an outsider to file his nomination papers. Addressing a media conference, Mr. Mallikarjuna Rao said that he was disappointed over the rejection of his candidature.

In Macherla, supporters of sitting MLA Pinneli Laxma Reddy threatened to resign from their elected posts

Contrary to the dramatic developments in the Palnadu region, Guntur remained by and large peaceful as there were no protests from the followers of T. Venkata Rao and Sk. Nambur Subhani, the sitting MLAs of Guntur I and II. Supporters of Sk. Mastan Vali, the candidate from Guntur East, took out victory rallies and burst crackers.