As the agitation by the veterinary graduates and under-graduates demanding the scrapping of the G.O. Rt. No: 91 entered the sixth day on Saturday, the demonstrators adopted a novel method to register their protest against the ‘callous and indifferent' attitude of the government towards their agitation and demand.

Just demand

The striking students symbolically presented their representations in this connection to a herd of cows, as though to say indirectly that the government had become so ‘thick skinned' as not to react to their stir and ‘just demand'.

They alleged that the controversial G.O ran counter to the Presidential Order issued in the Seventies on the rules to be followed vis a vis the ‘zonal system' in service matters. The demonstrators also were on a ‘mock begging' seeking alms from the passers-by to pay ‘bribes' to the vested interests in the Animal Husbandry Department, which they alleged were responsible for the release of the contentious G.O.