G. Ravikiran

VIJAYAWADA: Reeling under the impact of economic slowdown, some industries in the city have turned their focus on the vital factors of productivity, marketing and other aspects to sustain and overcome the present hardship.


From the automobile components’ manufacturers to the electronics companies, all of them are looking for ways to plug gaps and enhance productivity to the maximum possible level.

In some cases, the companies are increasing their productivity up to 50 per cent in the specific areas of their strength.

“It is really hard. It seems slowdown has no signs of easing soon. We are really exploring all ways to sustain ourselves,” says D. Ramakrishna, managing director, Efftronics Systems Private Limited.

A former president of the AP Small Industries Association, Mr. Ramakrishna has been in the forefront of bringing in innovative practices in the industry in the city.

Mr. Ramakrishna says that at Efftronics they have started following some models borrowed from Japan that have yielded good results.