The Education Department has instructed Karimnagar Deputy DEO J.V.S.P. Purnananda Rao to conduct an inquiry into the allegations of government teachers exploiting private B.Ed teachers by demanding ‘ransom and parties' for signing in the academic records after the one-month teaching training classes in government schools.

Responding to a news item ‘B.Ed trainees fall prey to government teachers' published in these columns on March 17, 2012, the Education Department instructed DEO A. Rajeshwar Rao to conduct an inquiry into the allegations. Accordingly, the DEO instructed the deputy DEO to conduct a probe and submit a report.

The Deputy DEO made surprise inspections at various government high schools in Karimnagar were the private B.Ed trainee teachers had completed their one-month teaching classes. He inquired with the B.Ed trainees about the collection of ‘mamools for the parties' by the teachers. He separately interacted with B.Ed and D.Ed trainee teachers and asked them to tell the truth and assured them of all protection from the administration.

The Deputy DEO told The Hindu that he had conducted inspections at three high schools in Karimnagar and would visit some more schools on Monday. He said action would be taken against teachers found guilty of harassing the B.Ed and D.Ed trainees.

It was surprising to note that the government teachers summoned all the B.Ed trainee teachers to the schools and started signing the academic records without asking anything. “The government subject teachers also appealed to the B.Ed and D.Ed trainee teachers to forget the matter as they were signing the academic records. The teachers requested the trainee teachers to remain silent if any official questioned them,” some B.Ed trainee teachers said.