Staff Reporter

Activists of CPI(M), CITU detain trains for over an hour

KURNOOL: Supporters of CPI(M) and CITU detained Guntur passenger train and Tungabhadra Express for an hour here on Friday to protest against hike in the prices of petroleum products. The protesters squatted across the track and held up the trains.

The leaders criticized that the UPA government had no respect for the sentiments of the constituents and increased the prices at its will. They said the agitation would be intensified until the hike was withdrawn.

Unique protest

Anantapur Staff Reporter writes: Bhagat Singh Auto Drivers Union affiliated to CITU staged a unique protest against the hike in petrol and diesel price here on Friday. They took out an auto in procession by lifting it and burnt an effigy of the Union Petroleum Minister.

The auto drivers' protest started from the NTR Circle near Arts College and ended at the Tower Clock. They pulled the autos manually during the procession and on reaching the tower clock they shouldered an auto after keeping an effigy of the Petroleum Minister in it around Tower Clock.

Later, they torched the effigy and demanded the Centre to withdraw the price hike and raised slogans against the Central Government. Speaking at the protest programme CITU leader R.V. Nayudu stated that the UPA Government had hiked the fuel prices six times during the last two years.