KCR, Kodandaram's call to target T-MPs, Ministers seems to have hastened decision

The decision of two MPs from the district, Gutha Sukender Reddy and Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy, to resign, after being reluctant to do so initially, shows that the pressure exerted by various sections of their constituents is working.

The Telangana MPs were hesitating to give up their Lok Sabha membership since they were confident that AICC president Sonia Gandhi was making serious efforts to find a solution to the vexatious statehood issue. One MP said on January 27 that the MPs did not want to complicate matters by quitting now, when the Centre was seized of the problem and serious efforts were on by the ruling party as well as the government to solve it.

Change in situation

The situation, however, seems to have changed now, with more pressure being piled upon the MPs by the Telanana Joint Action Committee and the Telangana Rashtra Samiti.

This was evident from the address of TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao, and Prof. M. Kodandaram during the 36-hour ‘Samara Deeksha’ to target Ministers, MPs and legislators of the region.

This development appears to have had an effect on the Congress MPs to offer their resignations.

Their decision to quit, according to one district MP, is intended to send a strong message to the Centre, which changed its stand on granting Telangana because of the threats of resignations held out by the Seemandhra party men.

Delaying tactic?

Although the MPs have been affirming their resolve for securing Telangana, nobody seems to have taken them seriously because of the prevailing situation prior to January 28.

But the scenario has changed with the Central leaders seeking more time to hold consultations with the representatives of the three regions to arrive at a decision, which is being viewed by Telangana protagonists as a delaying tactic.