Praja Spandana, a forum for public interest in the city, has given a call to oppose the proposed auction of 11.21 acres of land in Rishikonda under survey no. 336, for which the Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) gave notification on Monday.

Praja Spandana president C.S. Rao said that for the auction, slated for March 14 this year, the upset rate has been fixed at Rs. 5.30 crores per acre and a revenue of Rs. 65 crore to Rs. 75 crore was expected. “The VUDA should stop this practice of auctioning public land in Rushikonda because this practice would deprive any hope for future settlements for poor and needy and secondly, it would also do considerable ecological damage,” he said and appealed to all the concerned citizens, NGOs to oppose the move.