Praja Spandana has described the recent auction of plots by Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) as “anti-social” and “anti-democratic.”

In a statement issued on Saturday, its president C.S. Rao said that while the auction of 178 residential plots fetched a whopping Rs.41.5 crores to the VUDA, it deprived the middle class and poor people of an opportunity to own a roof over their head.

The highest bids were Rs.50,200 and Rs.48,000 for a square yard of land at MVP Colony and Rs.33,100 for a square yard at Kurmannapalem.

At this rate, the middle class and the poor can no longer own a house. Mr. Rao appealed to the VUDA to ask its officers to study how the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had been helping all sections of people to own a flat at a very reasonable price. He added that the life of the common man was being made miserable in Andhra Pradesh.