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Ex owner of plot defaults in payment of power bills

Authorities denying fresh connections to new title-holders

HYDERABAD: Shaikh Musa from Falaknuma has a pestering problem. It has been two years since he acquired a plot near Hafeez Baba Nagar. He was one among the 16 who bought plots in the land that previously hosted an industry ‘Paragon Printers’.

Only when they tried to get power connections to the plots did they realise that they had been duped collectively to the extent of Rs.22 lakh.

Previous landlord and owner of the factory owed the amount to the CPDCL by way of unpaid electricity bills. Yet, he managed to sell off the land to the gullible Shaikh-Musa-and-others through a third party transaction.

Power authorities, who kept silent till the factory accumulated the whopping bills, are now denying fresh connections to the new title-holders unless they clear the old dues that were unduly theirs. N.K.D. Rao, an advocate from Saroornagar has another case in point.

Stuck deep in a property wrangle, he had taken the extreme step of having power connection removed from the disputed premises. However, the opposite party managed to secure a fresh connection.

Bills default

It was only four years later that the court ordered in favour of Mr. Rao, and the opponent absconded paying neither the rent nor the power bills for the period. Now Mr. Rao is being asked by the department to clear the dues. Both Mr. Musa and Mr. Rao presented their cases before Lok Adalat on Saturday.

“Why should I pay for somebody else’s consumption?” Mr.Rao questions. Shaikh Musa was asked to bring along the previous landlord, whose whereabouts he does not know!