Government concedes MLAs’ demand

The State Government seems to have bowed down to pressures from local MLAs on reducing power-cut duration in the city. The city is likely to have only three-hour power cut beginning three days from now.

The MLAs demanded that the Government treat Vijayawada on par with other metros like Warangal and Hyderabad for implementing only two-hour power cut, but the issue finally settled for a three-hour power cut. The three-hour power cut was supposed to be implemented in the city from Monday, but for some technical reasons it has been delayed.

The city MLAs, at a recent District Review Committee (DRC) meeting, vehemently opposed the long duration of power cut. They also raised the issue at the CLP meeting as well. The MLAs sought to know the rationale of four-hour power-cut in the city.

Drawing a parallel between Tirupati and Vijayawada, they asserted that the city was also a pilgrim city if two-hour power cut was being implemented in Tirupati considering it a pilgrim centre.

Vijayawada (Central) MLA Malladi Vishnu said: “The Government has asked the SPDCL CMD to look into the matter. The issue is pending for some technical reasons. Orders will be issued in next two to three days.” The Government had understood the power cut problem here, he said.

The SPDCL authorities are also pinning hopes on the DRC meeting. Recalling that the DRC adopted a resolution urging the Government to consider a two-hour power cut schedule, the SPDCL officials said there would not be any additional power cut if the Government accepted the resolution.

The opposition parties and chamber of commerce etc. criticised the government for not treating Vijayawada on a par with other metros.