The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission on Saturday announced a new power tariff order, with effect from August 1. Households consuming more than 600 units will, hereafter, have to pay Re.1 additionally per unit.

According to S. Kabilan, TNERC Chairperson, the change would affect only about three per cent of domestic consumers, numbering 5.15 lakhs. Totally, there are about 1.5 crore domestic consumers. Till now, domestic consumers with consumption of more than 600 units have been paying Rs. 3.05 per additional unit. Hereafter, the charge is Rs. 4.05 per unit. However, the Commission has fixed Rs. 5.75 per unit, which does not include the component of government subsidy of Rs. 1.70 per unit.

The previous tariff revision was made in March 2003 by the AIADMK government. However, 15 months later, the rates for several sections of consumers were rolled back to the 2001 level.

In respect of other slabs for the domestic consumers, there is no change in tariff. The free power supply scheme for hut connections (approximately 13 lakhs) and agricultural connections (19.8 lakhs) has been left untouched. Also, the scheme for powerlooms (1.3 lakhs) and handlooms (1.53 lakhs) has not been disturbed. In the case of powerlooms, there is no charge up to 500 units bimonthly and in the case of handlooms, up to 100 units bimonthly. Besides, the concessional rate for places of worship remains intact. Though the TNERC has fixed Rs. 3 per unit irrespective of slabs, places of worship need to pay Rs. 1.50 up to 120 units bimonthly.

The Commission has allowed a per unit hike of 30 paisa for industries of low tension (LT) for consumption of more than 1,500 units and 50 paisa for industrial units of high tension (HT) category. Cottage and tiny industries, consuming over 1,500 units bimonthly, have to pay 40 paisa more per unit. HT commercial establishments will have to pay 80 paisa per unit and LT commercial establishments [for consumption of over 200 units] 70 paisa per unit additionally.

In the case of private educational establishments, those coming under HT category will face an increase of Re. 1 per unit and those under LT Rs. 1.10 per unit. As for government educational institutions and those receiving the government aid, the corresponding rates of hike are 50 paisa and 40 paisa.

The Commission has given a tariff reduction of Re. 1 per unit for LT commercial establishments with consumption of less than 100 units bi-monthly.

  • Re. 1 more per unit for households consuming more than 600 units
  • Free power scheme left untouched