The Electricity Department was getting ready to levy penalties on the violators of power consumption in industries in Medak district. At present, the power - HT and LT - that was used by different industries is being assessed by getting the details of meter reading. The bills will be served to the industrial consumers next month.

The industrialists were given three options – using 60 per cent of the permitted demand level (PDL) of power, using power continuously for 18 days in a month without power holiday and three days power cut and four days working in week - for power consumption in view of the power crisis being faced by the State. Based on their requirement the industries submitted their proposals for which the department has given formal consent.

As one month was completed with the new power supply policy coming into existence, the department was getting ready to identify the violators and levy penalty. A warning letter will be issued to the violator in the first instance of crossing the PDL and using less than five per cent additionally above 60 per cent. The industry has to face 24 hours of power cut in the second instance with the same violation.

In case of using more than five per cent of the PDL, the department would enforce power cut for 48 hours. In the fourth time violation power cut would be for one week, in fifth instance halting power supply by two weeks and in the sixth instance the power cut would be for one month. In all these power cut cases, the industry have to pay a reconnection charge of Rs.2,000 for HT connection and Rs.1,000 for LT connection. The industry, which has violated the conditions would also be levied a penalty of three times of the normal charge for the additional units of power consumed by it.

“Our staff is on the field and getting ready with details of power consumed by different industries. Once the list was ready we will serve the bills and enforce power cuts to violators,” Mr. M. Srinivas, DE (Technical), CPDCL informed The Hindu .

Intially a warning will be issued and later industries have to face power cuts if they

violate norms