Hospitals, educational institutions and business establishments are forced to spend huge amounts on electricity generators

The consumers are facing unprecedented problems on account of the day-long power cut that was imposed in Nellore after the electricity employees’ JAC went on indefinite strike.

Though the power supply is being restored one to three hours after the nightfall, people are suffering due to the complete blackout during the day . The hospitals, educational institutions, shops and business establishments and offices are bearing the brunt of the power outages, as they are forced to spend huge amounts on power generators and fuel. At the DSR Government General Hospital, the lack of power supply during the crucial day hours is causing hardships to the patients. The situation is increasingly becoming worse for the patients, who came here from the rural areas. L. Sudheer, a patient from Rapur area, was undergoing treatment at the Government General Hospital. With his condition worsening, the doctors have referred him to a hospital in Chennai.

But, Sudheer’s kin are caught in a ‘Catch-22’ situation as there is no immediate transportation facility— bus or train services— to Chennai. Shopkeepers are also a worried lot, as there is a total drop in businesses due to lack of floating population from rural areas.