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Officials facing difficulty in collecting bills due to protests

Demand in the district is 15 mu per day while supply is only 10 mu

Discoms told to implement seven-hour power supply to farm sector

SANGAREDDY: With the demand for power increasing, power cuts have come into force in Medak district and the first causality is the industrial sector on which two days power holiday has been imposed. While one day is the weekly holiday , the other day is power holiday. The Central Power Distribution Corporation Limited (CPDCL) has already communicated to the industries in the district despite the industries expressing their fear of huge loss.

According to sources in the CPDCL, the demand in the district is 15 million units per day while the supply has been only 10 mu. The gap between the demand and supply at the State level itself is about 40 per cent.

The power cut at the district headquarters will be for two hours, followed by two to four hours at municipalities and four hours at mandal headquarters. The power cut at villages will be for six hours.

The government directed the power distribution companies to give seven-hour power supply to farm sector and 12- hour supply (6 pm to 6 am) to villages till the examinations season was over. Officials said that they would not be in a position to ensure seven-hour power supply to the farm sector unless power cut was imposed on industries.

However, farmers were demanding seven-hour continuous power during day time only and agitations in this regard were taking place across the district. At many places officials of power supply department were locked up in rooms and later released.

Officials' woes

On the other hand, the department is facing a difficult task in collecting power bill arrears.

“The arrears are to the tune of Rs. 30 crore and we do not know when we will be able to collect the amount. Some of our officials were locked up in rooms when they went for bill collection,'' admits an official.