Will the bountiful rainfall this year prove to be a bane to Electricity Department? The answer is going to be an affirmative “yes” given the ground realities which are conducive for cultivation.

Severe power crisis is in store in the district in coming months as farmers are prone to use excessive amount of power for motor pumps to provide water to standing paddy and other water intensive crops.

As per preliminary estimation done by authorities of Electricity Department consumption is likely to increase by 30 to 40 per cent by February itself as against seven per cent in the corresponding period last year.

Therefore, they are planning to resort to power cuts from the first week of next month so as to meet the demand in agriculture sector. Power cuts may be two to four hours in urban centres and even longer hours in rural areas.

If one looks at the quota allotted to the district and consumption of power from January 1 the gravity of power crisis can easily be understood. On first of this month amount of electricity allotted to the district was 8.80 million units, but only 6.652 MUs was consumed in all sectors.

However, consumption kept steadily increasing and touched 7.218 MUs as against the 8.80 MUs

(thereby no change in quota allotment) by January 10. The total amount of power allotted in the last ten days was 87.963 MUs while used was 69.177 MUs. During the entire January last year the quota allotted was 199.170 million units, while actual usage was 213.951 MUs.

In the district as on date the total number of electricity connections is over 7.45 lakh of which 5.01 lakh are domestic and 1.77 lakh are agricultural. As per information available with authorities there are 20,000 illegal connections. Copious rainfall and the increase in ground water level have come in handy for farmers to use more electricity this year.