A poster exhibition on ‘Earth and Environment’ had been jointly organised by Haritha Yuva Vahini and Mecons at Visakhapatnam Public Library on Sunday. Former Energy Secretary, Government of India, E.A.S. Sarma, who inaugurated the exhibition, was impressed with the highly educative posters which had a clear cut message.

The posters also gave a pictorial presentation of the consequences of irresponsible behaviour of human beings.


The exhibition, depicting degeneration of earth, caused by destructive methods of farming, pollution of rivers by poisonous emissions and quality of air by chemical emissions, and 210 species of birds in danger of extinction due to pollution of environment, caught the attention of youngsters and the general public.

Activists Indraja, Praveen Kumar, Ravi Kanth, Vijay, Vivek, Gayatri, Himabindu, Swathi, Abhishek Paul and Devi Prasad were instrumental in the organising of the exhibition.