The Vice-Chancellor of University of Portsmouth, UK, Prof. John Craven visited the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) on Thursday and discussed with Vice-Chancellor Krishna Gandhi the hassles which cropped up in  the way of implementation  of the agreement signed by the two universities.

As per the agreement, a third-year student of JNTU can study in the fourth year in Portsmouth University and in turn get two degrees — one from the Portsmouth University and another  from the parent university JNTU.

However, many students from JNTU were reluctant to take advantage of the facility due to the high Rs. 8 lakh fees. To tackle the problem, the Vice-Chancellors of the two universities decided to reduce the fee by  five per cent.

The two Vice-Chancellors also signed an agreement on the  syllabus to be followed for the course.