Next time you visit an eatery with your family, make sure that you don’t end up paying more than what you are supposed to pay. That popular eateries and even a few multinational food chains collect more than the Maximum Retail Price has now become evident.

A decoy operation conducted by the Legal Metrology Department revealed that a very prominent restaurant was collecting Rs.44 for a 330 ml tin of diet coke against the MRP of Rs.22. Posing as customers, a five-member team led by the City Assistant Controller, Legal Metrology, P.S.R.N.T Swamy went to a restaurant on M.G. Road in Secunderabad a few days ago and ordered a diet coke.

After consuming the soft drink, the team verified the menu card and found that the management was charging Rs.44 for a 330 ml tin. But, the MRP on it was Rs.22. When the team enquired at the cash counter, the stock reply from the staff was that they had been implementing the same for the past few months.

“We then introduced ourselves as officials of the Legal Metrology department and grilled them about MRP violations. Officials from the management spoke to us and argued that it’s not a violation and in fact the same price was being collected across the country,” Mr. Swamy explained. After explaining the rules to them, the management realised that it was a mistake and agreed to rectify it immediately. With this tip-off, the department raided the same eatery at Karkhana and noticed that the management was collecting excess charges on soft drinks sold in tins. Mr. Swamy said three cases under Sections 8/25 of the Legal Metrology Act were registered against the management and collected a penalty of Rs.75,000 from it. Legal Metrology officials would like you to inform them if you come across any such instances. You could reach them on a toll free number1860-425-3333.