With eleven candidates in the fray, it is likely to be a fight to the finish in Amalapuram constituency

This vibrant political centre in East Godavari district dominated by Schedule Caste voters is going to witness a multi-cornered contest on May 7 as 11 candidates are in fray. But, the main fight is among TDP, YSRC and Congress parties.

There are four mandals in this constituency – Allavaram, Amalapuram rural, Uppalaguptam and Amalapuram municipality. The total number of voters in 2009 was 123,203 and it reached 173,208 this year.

TDP candidate Aithabathula Ananda Rao, who is also a leading advocate in the town, has a good following in almost all municipal wards. However, he is unable to elicit much support from senior leader Metla Satyanarayana as he is busy campaigning in Kakinada for his son-in-law and former Minister Thota Narasimham, the TDP Lok Sabha contestant there.

TDP district president and MLC Nimmakayala Chinnarajappa is also busy impressing voters in Peddapuram as he got the ticket in the last minute for the constituency.

On the other hand, YSRC candidate Golla Babu Rao, though a popular leader in Payakaraopeta that falls under neighbouring Visakhapatnam district, has wide contacts in Amalapuram constituency. Mr. Golla Babu Rao, also a leading advocate, is trying to tap non-SC votes as he believes that SC voters are in favour of the YSRC. But lack of coordination between him and former Minister Pinipe Viswaroop and former MLA Kudipudi Chittabbai is a minus to the Assembly candidate. Non-local issue being raised by the opponents may also work against him.

As far as the Congress candidate, Janga Gowtham, is concerned, he is not popular among common public as he is a non-local, but the party has its traditional vote bank. Samaikyandhra movement was very strong in this town than Rajahmundry and Kakinada in the district and as the opponents have been raking up this issue frequently during their campaigns, Mr. Janga Gowtham has not been getting any support from the top leaders of the Congress. Though Samaikyandhra movement was very strong in this constituency, the anti-incumbency factor against sitting MP G.V. Harsha Kumar, who joined Jai Samaikyandhra Party (JSP), is reflecting on JSP Assembly candidate N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, who is a new face in Amalapuram.