Justice B.N. Srikrishna Committee has expressed concern over exploitation of educated youth by politicians saying it was causing inter-regional and inter-community disaffection.

The committee said the mismatch between skills of many graduates with those required by the employers because of the poor quality of private colleges (engineering colleges in particular) was resulting in students finding only low paying or no jobs after graduation.


The frustration of such youth was being exploited by politicians who were claiming that their inability to get a job commensurate with their degree was due to discrimination against Telangana people.


Dealing elaborately about the education scenario, the committee said some grievances of youth and expectations of change in separate Telangana could be attributed to non-fulfilment of their career hopes.

High expectations

The field visits of the committee brought out that many students with higher education qualifications in Telangana were first generation college entrants from rural background who had high expectations of finding well paying jobs, in particular in the government/public sector.


“It is the inability of such graduates to fulfil their aspirations that is responsible for their disappointment, disillusionment and frustration. Such students are likely to turn to those who promise them a better future. Large scale involvement of students including those from Dalit and Backward Classes in the current movement for Telangana seems to testify this,” the committee said.

Dalit/BC background

A large proportion of student leaders of the movement located in Osmania and Kakatiya Universities was known to be from Dalit/Backward Classes background.

“According to many sources, purported student suicides during the course of agitation are also largely by Dalit and Backward Classes students,” the committee report said.

Stressing the urgent need to improve the quality of education, the committee said while lack of suitable employment was rarely due to discrimination and more due to lack of adequate training, the perception of neglect needed to be addressed to bring students back into the mainstream.

  • Panel says mismatch due to poor quality of private colleges (engg. colleges in particular)
  • Politicians saying students denied jobs due to discrimination against Telangana people