Undue political interference was impeding development of the cooperative sector, Minister for Health D.L. Ravindra Reddy said on Thursday.

Dr. Reddy asserted in a press conference here that he was not interfering in cooperative societies. Political parties should strive for concerted development of the cooperative sector without merely boasting of victory in the cooperative elections, Mr. Ravindra Reddy remarked. The dairy, handloom, sugar and milk units in the cooperative sector were incurring losses, he lamented.

Urging farmers not to be perturbed about crop insurance, he asserted that 80,240 farmers in Kadapa district had paid crop insurance premier amounting to Rs. 8.72 crore for crops sown in 1.30 lakh hectares.

They would be entitled to crop insurance worth Rs. 456 crore, the Minister said.

The government had sanctioned Rs. 57 crore for crop insurance for sunflower crop in 2011-12 and the sum was credited to the bank accounts of 44 crore farmers.

Forty three of the 50 mandals in Kadapa district were declared drought-hit this year.

The government granted input subsidy of Rs. 16.32 crore in 2011-12 and Rs. 30.11 crore towards crop losses due to weather changes, Dr. Ravindra Reddy said.

Crops were sown in 2.18 lakh hectares in rabi season this year as against normal crop area of 2.06 lakh hectares.

Proposals were sent to the government for sanction of compensation for crop losses in 10 hectares due to Neelam cyclone.

Joint Director of Agriculture G. Jonathan participated.

  • The dairy, handloom, sugar and milk units are incurring losses, says Ravindra Reddy

  • ‘Political parties should strive to develop the sector than boasting about victory in polls’