The Varni police led by Sub-Inspector K. Pratap Lingam, on Sunday, ‘unearthed' the body of one Gajatari Bharati, 50, in her home at Rudrur nearly 45 days after her killing. As per the prima facie evidence the woman was strangulated or throttled, said the SI. The body was dug out in the presence of Tahisildar Ganesh and it was in a highly decomposed condition. Ms. Bharati was living alone in her two-room house at Rudrur. Her daughter, Uma, stays with her husband in Nizamabad. When Uma tried to contact her mother over mobile on October 21, there was no reply from her.

Suspicious of her mother's whereabouts, Uma came to Rudrur to see her mother, but the house was locked. She complained to the police who broke open the house and found a mound of soil in the second room of the house. As stench was emanating, they got it dug and found to their dismay the body of Bharati.