The District Police are planning to rope in the services of the people from both the groups those were involved in the communal clashes here on last Tuesday, to form a ‘Peace Team’ to stop the communal violence in Deverakonda town.

Speaking to The Hindu , SP T. Prabakara Rao said that he had asked the officials to identify some peace seeking persons locally from both communities for the ‘Peace Team’ to pursue both the groups to make peace with each other. Deverakonda DSP K.J. Somasekhar was assigned to identify members of the ‘Peace Team’ with the help of local Police in the next couple of days which will see a series of meetings with both the groups.

Meanwhile, the sources in the Police Department said that the Deverakonda Police’s slackness was one of the few reasons that resulted in the communal clash. The sources further said that Bakrid festival was falling on October 16 and just two days after the Dasara celebrations. All the police in the district had been instructed to remove the religious flags, if any erected, on October 15, a day before the Barkrid festival.

Local police flayed

The police had ensured the removal of these flags on October 15 at almost all the places in district. Even in Nalgonda, the police themselves got into the job as many municipal employees were on leave for Dassara. But, it did not happen in Deverakonda. Despite the town turning sensitive in recent past, the police failed to remove the flags that led to the scuffle. “That clash would not have happened if the police had taken care to remove the flags,” the sources said.