Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: The police have expressed doubts over the death of Rajan, 30, a resident of Indiranagar in Borabanda.

Rajan was found dead in his house on Monday morning with his body hanging from the ceiling. A sari tied around his neck suggested that he had committed suicide.

According to Rajan's wife Shirisha, her husband drove away her and her two children from the house on Sunday night after picking a quarrel in an inebriated condition.

She told the police that she took shelter in a house of a friend in the same locality. Rajan was found dead inside the house with doors bolted from inside when she returned home in the morning.

"Doctors said the hyoid bone (a U-shaped bone at the base of the tongue) was broken in Rajan's case. This is a rarity and gives rise to suspicions of foul play," the police said. Forensic experts told the police that some post-mortem (occurring or done after death) marks and injuries were found on the body.

Doubts over doors

The fact that Rajan was found dead in a room doors of which were bolted from inside was what puzzled everyone. "To our astonishment, we found the doors can be bolted from inside," the police said.

The police suspect the killers tied one end of a rope to the latch of doors and kept the other end near the window. After closing the doors, the killers might have pulled the rope through the window so that it got bolted from inside.