The Adilabad police reportedly stumbled upon illegal cash allegedly stashed away by a person while investigating the highway robbery case. However, the issue has inexplicably been kept under wraps by the Police Department.

While investigating the sensational Rs. 30 lakh robbery on NH 7 under Adilabad Rural police station limits on June 3, the police received information that a person belonging to Ghotkuri in Tamsi mandal has enormous amount of money stashed away in a bag in his home.

Subsequently, the person was quizzed by the police about the origin of the cash and his reply took even the policemen by surprise.

Rs. 21.50 lakh


While denying having anything to do with the highway robbery, the villager in question revealed that he had swindled the Rs. 21.5 lakh from his employer who happens to be a leading industrialist in town. The confession was found to be true but strangely, nothing more was heard of it.