Law and order authorities cite operation of the code of conduct for Legislative Council polls

The town police on Wednesday foiled the scheduled programme of burning effigies of Telangana people’s representatives as part of the protest programme organised by the district unit of Telangana Political Joint Action Committee (JAC), citing operation of the code of conduct for the Legislative Council elections.

According to Nalgonda TJAC chairman, G. Venkateshwarlu, who was to preside over the programme, a police officer snatched the effigy being carried by youth on a two-wheeler at the Clock Tower traffic signal. The officer is said to have warned of filing a case if the code was violated. Nalgonda DSP P. Vijaykumar was present.

Mr. Venkateshwarlu said the programme would be organised on Thursday at the end of polling of the Council elections, along with lighting of candle as a homage to martyrs.

Meanwhile, the TJAC chairman appealed to all members of the newly-formed Telangana Retired Employees and Teachers’ Association to actively take part in the separatist agitation. He said the experience of the retired State government staff would be better utilised in achieving statehood for the region, while releasing a calendar brought out by the association.

S. Mallikarjun, president of the association, was among those present.