The Anantapur police on Thursday arrested four persons in the sensational murder of former corporator of the Anantapur Municipal corporation, Bheemireddygari Ramakrishna Reddy.

The Anantapur town Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), M Dayananda Reddy told mediapersons that the murder was a pre-planned one committed in cold blood on January 1st in the early hours on NH 44, when Ramakrsihna Reddy was on his daily morning walk.

The accused have been identified as Dudekula Vannurvali (27) alias Vannur, Dudekula Babu (29), Dudekula Shekshavali (21), Dudekula Yerri Swamy (20) besides I Adinarayana (26), all of whom are close relatives to one another, as per the police.

Speaking to The Hindu , the III town CI Devanand - who also headed the investigating team which nabbed the culprits within a matter of three days of the murder – said that the accused were enraged of the fact that Ramakrishna Reddy had banished them from the Jansakthi Nagar, where they lived and Ramakrishna Reddy was the corporator of it.

It is learnt that Ramakrishna Reddy had chased away the family of Vannur Vali and his brother Sheksha from the Janasakthi nagar, as they failed to listen to his directions. The family subsequently separated and started to live in different villages. The police also said that Ramakrishna Reddy had ensured that the family was not allotted a house under the INDIRAMMA housing scheme and even attacked Sheksha along with his followers when he came to ask for the favour.

Holding on to the grudge, the group decided to eliminate Ramakrishna Reddy and planned to attack him on December 26, 2012. However, they missed their target. Subsequently, on January 1 they attacked him with hunting sickles killing him on the spot.