N. Lenin Babu, State general secretary of AISF, urged the government to enhance spending on education to 10 per cent of the budget keeping in mind the world trends.

Mr. Lenin Babu, who recently attended an international conference on education and youth affairs at Pretoria, South Africa, said even countries like Vietnam are spending up to 20 per cent of their budget on education. Vietnam achieved 97 per cent literacy while India achieved only 62 per cent literacy.

He said India spent only 3.7 per cent of its budget on education. Even higher education is grossly neglected with only 7.2 per cent of population attending university education. It is highly depressing scenario when compared to the achievement made by other countries, including small nations which are constrained for resources.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth organised the nine-day conference for 15,000 delegates across the globe.

Around 266 delegates attended the meet from India while the AISF the AIYF deputed 126 delegates. Of them, 27 were from Andhra Pradesh. The meet is held every four years.

The Indian delegates presented papers on public free and universal education and quality education. The meet demanded the US to free five Cuban leaders who are languishing in jails. Also, the meet underscored the need for improved interaction and coordination and exchange of ideas among students.

He said education is the primary responsibility of State but the Indian governments are not taking the issue seriously, he said.