‘Report on false implication of minority youths also withheld'

A day ahead of the fourth anniversary of the blast in Mecca Masjid, two organisations fighting for the rights of minorities demanded that the government release the report of Justice Bhaskara Rao Commission which probed the police firing and violence after the explosion in the mosque.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, representatives of Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee-India and the United Muslim Forum of Andhra Pradesh questioned the propriety of the government in keeping the Bhaskara Rao Commission report a secret.

The single-man commission of Justice (retired) V. Bhaskar Rao, was constituted after the blast in the mosque on May 18, 2007, to find out the circumstances that led to police firing.

Though the Commission submitted its report to former Chief Minister K. Rosaiah on October 17, 2010, the report never saw light of the day.

And also, a report prepared by the Advocate Commissioner who was appointed by the Minorities Commission on allegations that minority youths were being falsely implicated in criminal cases and tortured was also not brought into public till now, CLMC-I general secretary Mohd. Lateef Khan said.

“Worried of being caught on the wrong foot, the government is withholding the Advocate Commissioner's report as well,” he alleged.

Not only shelving the reports with regard to the blast case, the government was adopting double standards even in allowing protest demonstrations against terror attacks.

Candlelight rallies or meetings were permitted to mourn the death of victims in twin blasts of Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat. But, the same government was scaring people and telling them not to congregate at Mecca Masjid to pay homage to the victims of the bomb explosion by imposing restrictions, Mr. Khan alleged.

Condolence meetings

“I also appeal to media houses, which organise condolence meetings for the twin blasts incident to hold similar events for Mecca Masjid blast anniversary helping the cause of victims,” Mr. Khan said.

The CLMC-I general secretary pointed out that no compensation had been paid to any of the scores of Muslim youths implicated in Mecca Masjid blast case even after their acquittal.

Plea to speed up probe

Mohammed Abdul Rahim Quaraishi of the UMF asked the government to speed up investigation into the Mecca Masjid blast case by the National Investigating Agency.

“With important accused persons like Indresh Kumar being at large, how can the probe be completed,” he asked.

Nexus alleged

Mr. Quraishi felt that nexus between police officers who had been working for a long time in Hyderabad, and criminals was increasing the crime rate in the State capital. He urged the government to transfer all the police officers, who joined as Sub-Inspectors and were continuing to work in the city even after becoming Assistant Commissioners of Police.

  • Double standards by government alleged even in allowing protests against terror attacks

  • ‘No compensation paid to Muslim youths implicated in the case even after their acquittal'