Andhra Pradesh Dalit Maha Sabha founder-general secretary Katti Padma Rao has reiterated his demand for distribution of two acres of agricultural land to each family hailing from SC/ST communities through grants from the SC & ST Sub-Plan. The State government has already allocated Rs.12,251 crore to be spent on the Sub-Plan in 2013-2014.

Dr. Padma Rao said that land-less dalits could be empowered only through providing land, which would ensure sustenance to their families besides boosting productivity and empowering the weaker sections.

The government should further come out with a financial package of Rs.5 lakh each to the beneficiaries to develop the land and make it productive, he said.

“Empowering through land is affirmative action and has been vocally championed by B.R. Ambedkar himself,” Dr. Rao said.

Stating that there was plenty of surplus land available in the State, Dr. Rao said the government should come out with a land purchase scheme.