Staff Reporter

Anantapur: The Jana Vignana Vedika State president Dr. Geyanand in a memorandum submitted to the Collector B. Janardhan Reddy urged him to take necessary steps to ensure that “Jan Aushadhi” medical shops are established in the district. The Collector enthused at the proposal had written to the authorities concerned to consider the backward district of Anantapur for immediately establishing one to start with.

It may be recalled that the Union Government has brought to the fore the “Jan Aushadhi” campaign for ensuring access to quality medicines and health care for the citizens of the country.


The Union Government has decided to launch a country wide Jan Aushadhi campaign to supply medicines at affordable price to all especially to the poverty stricken masses.

The Union Minister for Chemical, Fertilizers and Steel, Mr.Ram Vilas Paswan had launched the same, as a pilot project in 2008 in Amritsar and in New Delhi in 2009.

The Union Government is now in the process of launching the Fair Price medical shops in all the districts of the country, in a phased manner. As part of the ambitious campaign the government had already made arrangements for launching about 45 such outlets in the of Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharasthtra, Haryana, Bihar, UP, Assam and Chattisgarh in the 2009-10 financial year. The State governments, NGO's, Charitable, Cooperative and Government bodies will be entitled to run the medical shops.

A mention of the cost logistics will give one an idea of the enormous cost margins between the branded and generic medicines of the same quality. A 250 mg packet of Ciprofloxin tablets with ten in the pack is being sold at the Jan Aushadhi outlet at Rs.11.10 while the same medicine produced by branded company is sold at Rs.55. Similarly the cost of the same tablet of 500 mg is Rs.21.50 and Rs.97 respectively. Another example is of Cetrizine tablet of 10 mg with ten in a pack being sold at the Fair Price medical shop for a mere Rs.2.75 and at the general medical shop for Rs.20.

One can find the same cost margin for any tablet or syrup in the respective medical shops.