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The loan will be extended by State and Central financial agencies

The work to be completed in 18 months Power generation plant capacity to be increasedCrushing capacity to be doubled

Tuni (East Godavari): The Tandava Cooperative Sugar Factorywill be modernised with Rs.36 crores. It will have new equipment for crushing, processing and other plants.

Announcing this on Thursday, its Managing Director T.P. Sivarama Prasad said that modernisation work would be completed within 18 months and the factory would get the entire amount as loan from the State and central financial institutions.

Power generation

As one of the leading cooperative sugar factory in north Andhra region, the factory was visited by the technical committee of National Federation of Sugars last year and recommended for modernisation to increase crushing potentiality as well as the production.

Mr. Prasad said that at present they were producing 3 MW power with co-generation power plant in the factory, which is being used for internal purposes.

The loan would be used for modernisation of this co-generation plant and increase its potentiality from 3 MW to 6.28 MW.

He said that the increased power would be sold to outsiders to get more revenue to the factory.

The second aspect of modernisation would be to increase the crushing capacity from present 1,750 tonnes per day to 2,500 tonnes per day. As per the factory records, during the present crushing season of 145 days, the factory had crushed 2.21 lakh tonnes of sugarcane through which, 2.10 lakh bags of sugar had been produced.

According to Mr. Prasad, the factory got Rs.6 crores profit in the last financial year and entire stocks of sugarcane were cleared during the present crushing season.

According to the MD, farmers had planted seedlings in 9,700 acres for the next crushing season and they would seed in 15,000 acres more after monsoon begins.