A ‘pink ribbon walk', to raise awareness about breast cancer and honour those women who have fought the illness, will be organised on the occasion of international breast cancer awareness month in October, here at the KBR Park on October 2 at 6.30 a.m.

The walk is a part of the ‘Pink ribbon campaign' to fight breast cancer by the Usha Lakshmi Breast Foundation (UBF) and US Consulate General. “Even as incidents of breast cancer abound, lack of awareness and methods for early detection are making the illness incurable. Early detection of the cancer is vital to provide cure,” said P. Raghu Ram, CEO, UBF.

Screening initiative

In an effort to enable detection of the cancer in its early stages, UBF along with the government, has launched a ‘breast cancer screening initiative' in the districts of Nellore and Vijayanagar - which have been identified as areas most needing the intervention by the Central Government.

“Community-based health care workers in the districts will be trained in clinical breast examination, including downsize tumour detection training, to identify cancer even in its impalpable stages. They will be trained for two months after which the pilot project will be implemented from December,” said Raghu Ram.

All women between 35 to 65 years of age in the districts will be examined under the initiative and those with the illness will directed to the district health officer for treatment.

The project also aims at recording incidents of breast cancer in the districts, as the State has no registry for any kind of cancer.

Early detection

Stressing on the need for early detection of the cancer, Dr. Raghu Ram said that the cancer was not fully ‘curable' when identified in its later stages.

A mammogram would efficiently detect the cancer in women above 40 years of age, but over 87 per cent of women in our country were below 50 years of age, he added.

As a part of the initiative, prominent monuments in the city, including the Charminar, Buddha Statue, U.S Consulate General, Hyderabad Public School and Marriott Hotel will also be decorated in pink on the eve of the awareness month's commencement, i.e. on September 30.