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Launched after a series of trials, it reduces the long wait in Sarvadarshan queue lines

Over 2,800 pilgrims avail of the service on the very first day on Sunday

Devotees can move out of queues and rejoin at a time specified in the access cards

TIRUMALA: The newly introduced ‘photometric’ system using facial identification technology is a blessing for the ordinary devotees waiting in Sarvadarshan queue lines.

The new system is aimed at reducing the long wait of devotees in the Sarvadarshan queue lines, where the waiting hours stand between four to eight hours on normal days and stretches beyond twenty hours on weekends and festive occasions. It is against this backdrop that the temple management launched the photometric system on a permanent basis on Sunday, after several trial runs.

Over 2,800 pilgrims availed of the service on the very first day. The photometric system enables the devotees to move out of the labyrinthine queue complex at any time of their choice in case of long waiting hours and rejoin the darshan queue lines at the specified time mentioned on their access cards. Every two compartments in the massive complex will a have a photo metric counter. Exit pass with barcode having the details vis-a-vis the date, compartment number, reporting time along with the digitalised photo of the pilgrim will be issued to the devotees who wish to move outside of the complex. The devotees will be allowed to re-enter into the darshan lines at the appropriate time on verification of the card.

Till Sunday only the devotees with the Arjita Seva tickets or Rs. 50 special entry Sudarshan tickets were privileged with the advantage of reporting at the Vaikuntam queue complex at a specified timewhile the common pilgrims were rather subjected to long waiting hours. The Vaikuntam officials point out that the new system will also help in checking the dalals (touts) who just throng the complex repeatedly for want of subsidised laddus provided by the TTD, which they later sell in the black market at exorbitant rates.

The managing director of Trilok Security Systems K. Ravichandra has voluntarily come forward to provide the required manpower free of cost.