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Event organised by the CITU as a prelude to its 10th State Mahasabha in Kadapa

Lopsided policies of governments highlighted at exhibitionCITU Mahasabha between January 5 and 8Mahasabha to discuss workers' right to strike

KADAPA: 'Udyoga, karmika porata darsini', a photo and art exhibition organised by the CITU as a prelude to its 10th State Mahasabha here, amply depicted the resistance offered by the working classes across the globe against the policies of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation.

Right from the heroic Telangana struggle against the Nizam's rule and Razakars, peasant movements, agitations against bonded labour, anti-power tariff stir, wage protection and job security, Central, State and public sector employee struggles in the State and country, as well as western workers' resistance against the globalisation policy in various South American and European nations and US aggression against Iraq were depicted by way of pictures and art works. Chitta Prasad's drawings published by UNESCO and cartoons compiled from various sources drew the enthusiasts' attention.

Aim of exhibition

The exhibition was aimed at arousing social consciousness against the ill-effects of lopsided policies, CITU State Secretary P. Ajay Kumar said. Globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation policies should be countered by employees, Zion College Correspondent K. Rajarathnam Isaac, who inaugurated the exhibition, said. The CITU State Mahasabha slated to be held here from January 5 to 8 would deliberate on workers' right to wage strike, injustice to working classes and agitations by unorganised labour, LIC union divisional general secretary B.V.S. Raju said. CITU district president A. Raghunatha Reddy said global exploitation must be resisted with unity. CITU State Committee member T.N. Ramana and Jana Vignana Vedika president D. Maheswar Reddy also took part.