G. Ravikiran

Girl candidate cries foul

J. Manjusha charges officials with not acting in timeSays she can prove her claim if the data is retrieved Officials deny any wrongdoing

VIJAYAWADA: Dramatic moments were witnessed at Dr. N.T.R. University of Health Sciences (DNTR-UHS) here on Saturday, when the seven-day-long PG medical counselling drew to a close leaving 738 out of 913 seats filled and 175 seats vacant.

J. Manjusha, who got 1,156th rank, demanded that UHS officials give a proper clarification to what she termed faulty filling of a local seat in the Andhra University area with a non-local candidate. She wanted the officials to go back to the details shown in screen display and verify from the computer data. But the officials pleaded helplessness saying that the computer systems used in counselling had no provision for revisiting the information displayed on the screens.

Her father J. Rajendra Prasad, a senior officer in the Irrigation Department, also demanded that the officials revisit the computer data to verify. He expressed dissatisfaction over the reply of the university officials.

A `deviation'

Narrating how "injustice" was meted out to her, Dr. Manjusha said that the Diploma in Dermatology seat at Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada, was wrongly allotted to a non-local candidate.

Dr. Manjusha expressed concern over lack of timely response from the officials at the time of counselling.

On Friday, she was keenly watching the display screens in the hall. When the Diploma in Dermatology seat was allotted to the non-local candidate, she noticed it and immediately rushed to the counselling room.

She told the officials concerned that the seat ought not have been allotted to the non-local candidate. She tried to remind the officials that no seat was available for non-local candidate in AU area and this information was already displayed on the screen.

The UHS officials said that her information was incorrect and that there was still a vacant seat for the unreserved category. They showed some records, but Dr. Manjusha said that she could prove her claim if the information displayed on screen was made available.

Two days of enquiries and arguments could not help Dr. Manjusha. When she thought of meeting Vice-Chancellor R. Sambasiva Rao, the latter was stated to be out of town.

Clinical category

In the clinical category, 380 out of 383 degrees were filled and 252 out of 306 diplomas were allotted to candidates. In the non-clinical category, 98 out of 193 degrees were filled while 23 out of 31 diplomas remained unfilled.

Most candidates preferred to wait for one more year and score a good rank next year so as to get admission into a better seat.